Litigation/Arbitration, Trials and Appeals


When disputes arise, the attorneys at Shafron & Kammer have the knowledge and experience to aggressively protect our clients' legal and financial interests in litigation, arbitration and appeals.

Our lawyers practice in both state and federal court, and our firm has considerable experience in arbitrations and appellate matters. If you are involved in a business or real estate dispute, our firm can assist you with following important legal issues:

  • Representation of plaintiffs or defendants in litigation/arbitration arising out of real estate or business disputes, including but not limited to disputes between buyers and sellers of real estate
  • Landlord/tenant disputes, receiverships, foreclosures and other remedies related to deeds of trust
  • Corporate, partnership and joint venture disputes
  • Real estate broker and loan broker defense and representation in commission disputes
  • Professional defense and malpractice representation
  • Construction disputes and mechanics lien litigation, as well as debt collection
  • Various types of business-related tort litigation, and assisting and representing owners, prospective owners and brokers of commercial property in asserting claims
  • Defenses and remedies relating to contamination on a non-class action basis,
  • Collection on judgments our firm procures for our clients

Our attorneys are well-seasoned in business, tort and real estate law and we have substantial experience in jury as well as non-jury (bench) trials. We also provide case analysis and consultation services to lawyers who practice in areas other than real estate and business transactions and litigation.

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Through our attorneys dedication and hard work, Shafron & Kammer has built relationships in the business community, commercial brokerage and real estate industries which are diverse and enduring, with many clients using our services for a decade or more, and across multiple generations.

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